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Martin Sheen Studying in Ireland

Article taken from Today's Belfast Telegraph...

As the US president, he was the most powerful man on Earth. Now he is a university student in Galway.

Actor Martin Sheen, star of the tv series The West Wing, wanted to enrich his life and get back to his Irish roots. The 66 year old is studying philosophy, English literature and oceanography for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the National University of Ireland in Galway.

Appearing on RTE's Tubridy tonight recently, the actor who played president jed bartlet said of george w bush " he certainly didnt win the first election and the second was doubtful." Asked by Ryan Tubridy if he would ever run for president, Sheen said, "No, i'm not qualified. I wouldnt last long in politics."

The actor confirmed he had been arrested frequently for his political protests. He said "I believe in non-violent civil disobedience. You have to be prepared for the cost. I'm a very liberal Irish Catholic. Since 9/11, we've gone from protector to paranoia."

He said studying in Ireland "is one of the great adventures in my life. I have always had this fantasy about studying in Ireland". Chatting more about The West Wing and the similarities between his on-sreen persona and his own values, Sheen spoke of his disapproval of the political state of his country. "Arrogance is ignorance matured," he said.

Sheen said, "I always had a fantasy about going to college because I left after high school and, for the courses I want to do, NUIG is the best,"

Sheen attended high school in his native Dayton, Ohio. He said he deliberately failed his entrance exam to the University of Dayton so he could pursue his dream of acting in New York city instead. His mother, Mary Anne Phelan, went to the United States from Co.Tipperary.

"I have been coming to Ireland since 1973. I have many cousins in Tipperary and i have been in love with Ireland since I first came here," Sheen said.

In November edition of the university's student Magazine, he was asked about George W Bush and replied,"I have been described as an actor who thinks he is president, but he is a president who thinks he is an actor,"
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