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The West Wing

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The West Wing in the Uk
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This is a community for Live Journal users in the UK to chat about The West Wing.


Since we are a series or so behind the U.S.A we ask that you are considerate in your posts. Any discussion of Seasons 6 or 7 should be placed behind a cut - with a warning for members that a Spoiler is under the cut.

No massive text unless you put it behind a cut, and even then, use discretion.

Posting pictures is fine, but if you post an image that is wider/taller than 300 pixels and/or larger than 100kb, please put it behind a cut.

We encourage you to post FanFiction, Icons, Colourbars, Wallpapers, and anything creative with relation to the West Wing - again if large posts/pictures please use a cut.

If you wish to promote a community please do so behind a cut - with "Community Promo" written in the subject line.

Watch your language - any swearing under a cut please!

Keep the posts on topic of the West Wing!

Please post only respectful commentaries about the show -- including plot, character, actor, production staff, historical, memorable information that may be of interest to other livejournal users.

Respect other members, and their opinions, NO FLAMING everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

Any suggestions/questions/comments, feel free to leave a comment :D

This is also a place to have some fun, to talk about a favourite programme and to meet people/make friends - remember that!

When you join the Comm, please post an introductory post answering these questions -

Favorite West Wing Character:
Favorite West Wing Couple:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Episode:
Biggest West Wing Let Down:
Favourite WW Quote:
What attracted you to the West Wing?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting