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Introductory Entry!

OK, so I'm one of those lucky enough to be watching new eps each week, but I won't post anything spoilery (if you wanna know something, feel free to email me!)
Someone over at west_wing_fans posted a friending meme recently, so I thought I'd introduce myself with that -

Name:Caz (!)
Age:Don't ask - considerably more than most of you here, I think!
Location: UK, Essex Coast
How long have you been a West Wing fan?:Since the beginning! 6/7 years.
If applicable, why did you begin watching?:Because it had created quite a buzz on the other side of the pond which had reached us over here, so I made a point of tuning in!
Favourite episodes:Changes daily, but at the moment: The Pilot because it's simply THE best first ep of a show I've ever seen, and Jed's late entrance slays me every time. Celestial Navigation (for "Woot cannaw" and the Secret Plan to Fight Inflation). 17 People (for awesome Jed and Toby, not-anniversaries and red lights).2 Cathedrals... do I really have to explain that to anyone? Indians in the Lobby (for the Butterball Hotline and Joe Bethenenson), 20 Hours in America(for "I work at the White House"), Holy Night ("Get it together, would you please?" "I'm trying..." - and "I'd give anything to have a living father who was a felon or a sister with a past"); I:OT - for the snowballs; Drought Conditions; 2162 Votes; Undecideds (Josh and Toby talk - yay!); The Cold; Transition (oh, Joshua, Josh, Josh!)
Ask me again tomorrow - it'll probably be a different list!
Favourite characters:you haven't guessed yet?? Josh! and CJ (before she turned to the dark side!)
Favourite 'ships:Josh and Donna of course!
If you were stranded on a desert island, which character would you want with you?: Now, let me think... that's a difficult one... NOT! Josh, of course, cos he's smart, funny and quite simply sex on a stick... and let's face it, if I was stranded on an island with him, there's NO WAY I'd be trying to leave, so I'm not really worried about how much use he'd be at devising a way to escape... and I'd have other *uses* for him - heh!
Other fandoms: Don't have time for many really; Doctor Who, Lost, CSI
Hobbies: What are they?!? I'm a teacher with 2 young kids - are you serious?? I remember reading lots of books in the dim and distant past... *sigh*
LJ content:general stuff... TWW pontification, the occasional ramble about other tv ... real life stuff, rants etc., etc.
Famous last words?: Well, that was predictable...

I write a review/reaction to eps most weeks... often with a Josh/Josh and Donna bias - here's wot I wrote for "Undecideds" when it first aired. "The Wedding" to follow...
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