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Introduction Post!

Hey to - well noone yet, but anyways, welcome to the New Uk West Wing Fans Community *Grins* I think we should all introduce ourselves..

name: Lasairiona

age: 21

Favorite West Wing Character: Donna

Favorite West Wing Couple: C.J. + Simon / C.J. + Danny / Sam & Ainsely / Josh & Donna

Favorite Season: Oh thats so hard to call! ummmm I have to stay faithful to the Sorkin days I love Season 2! but they are all so great!

Favorite Episode: Too many to list - The Jackal, Poker Nights, I'm Too Sexy, Noel, Two Cathedrals, Gaza, 20 Hours in America (is that the right title?)

Biggest West Wing Let Down:when Rob Lowe left the hasent been the same since

Favourite WW Quote: again I have many - Toby's "Baby's come with hats" sprang to mind there! *giggles* its too funny!

What attracted you to the West Wing? My bf introduced me to it, but the humour, the politics, the relationships its just addictive and oh so good!
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