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Introducing myself.

First of all I must say how glad I am that I found a place where I can talk about TWW without fear of being spoiled.

Sorry for all the semi-colons - my comma key's broken. I can't code for the same reason so no lj-cut I'm afraid.

name: Sara


Favorite West Wing Character: Josh; Will; CJ; Sam.

Favorite West Wing Couple: Josh & Donna (duh); The President & First Lady.

Favorite Season: If you're forcing me to pick: 1 & 2.

Favorite Episode: You're kidding right? Off the top of my head: The pilot; Evidence of Things not Seen; Celestial navigation; The Crackpots And These Women; The Supremes; noel; Eppur Si Muove; Holy night; Angel Maintenance; the episode that was on More4 the week before last.

Biggest West Wing Let Down: Come back Sam! And Ainsley!

Favourite WW Quote: I say again; I'm supposed to chose? See my icon. Also: "You've got a big brain and a good heart and an ego the size of Montana." "Are you saying that not only did you invent a secret plan to fight inflation but now you don't support it?" "So many women; so little charm." "I am making a mental note of all those who are sniggering and even as I speak am planning appropriate retribution."

What attracted you to the West Wing? I can't remember why I started watching. I kept watching because of the humour; intelligence; wit; characters and story lines.
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